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Design Process

Our first meeting with you is probably the most important meeting we will have with you. At this scheduled appointment we want to get to know you. We encourage you to bring your ideas and design schemes as a starting point. We will ask questions about your new home such as square footage, number of bedrooms, entertainment areas and style of home. We will discuss building materials and site layout all in order to give us an idea of what you expect from your home. Also at this time we will go over our design agreement and fee, a retainer is due at this time. Using this information, we move on to the next step: The Preliminary Design

The Preliminary Design

During this phase, we use the information provided by you to develop preliminary drawings. These drawings are the most thought provoking on our part. We take all of your ideas and work them into a floor plan that meets your needs. We then print out a copy of the floor plan(s) and front elevation for your review. You are encouraged to take the preliminary home to study and make changes if necessary. Once all changes have been made, we are then ready to move on to the The Final Plan stage.

The Final Plan

Once you have approved the preliminary to go the final plans, we start the process of getting your plans ready to start construction. Your final plans will consist of a foundation plan; floor plan(s); front, right, rear, and left elevation; electrical schematics; and construction details. At this point we would have a final meeting with you where we provide you with prints or files required. We will sit down with you and describe the details of your plans and collect the remainder of our fee.




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